Saturday, 7 May 2011

Miniature and interview news plus fashion and 'The Tourist' film review

Bonjourno my peepsicles!

Apologise for the delay but was very tired yesterday and a bit fed up as I "Failed" my interview. No idea why but Marks and Spencer's hiring system is seriously crazy and hardly gives anyone a chance. It's just a constant test and personally I thought I did rather well and was very helpful in their customer roleplay exercise thing. Then a little while after they had left to look at their notes, someone else comes in and says, "Did they tell you the outcome? No? You've Failed." I mean how RUDE! So now I have a newfound hatred for M&S! Obnoxious Buggers.

Rant over! Now for my miniature news. I have decided to do the whole Merlin castle instead of just Gauis' chambers after my mum found a great castle for sale on the internet. I am so excited to be doing the whole castle now and am going to try to do it as close to the TV show as possible!

The dollhouse I bought is the Dollhouse Emporium Cumberland Castle complete with the east wing:

Not sure what rooms to do where yet, all I know is that I would like to do Merlin's, Gaius', Morgana's and Arthur's rooms and maybe the council chamber too? The only problem is that the rooms look quite small whereas the ones in the show are big, so I'll either have to minimise the decor or use two rooms for one. I will most likely do this with Gaius' and have his room in the bottom two and then Merlin's next to it in the bottom room of the east wing.

Anyway, can't wait to get started on that! Will probably use brick compound and stencils for the exterior walls and maybe on the inside too as it should make it all look more realistic and 3D but not sure yet.

I also have a few stills of a couple of the rooms so if any of you have any ideas or helpful hints for me that would be much appreciated thankyou.





I'll probably only be taking a few things from these screenshots as the BBC feel the need to change all of their chambers each series and probably every few episodes too, so I'll have to try and find the smallest layout of them all and work with that in mind. I will then look at all the different bedrooms each of them have and then take out the most interesting things from them. For instance, I love the tapestry's and curtain's from Arthur's 2nd Series bedroom and also the mirror and the dressing screen from Morgana's 1st Series bedroom, so will use them combined with decor from another few bedrooms.

And now for all you fashion freaks out there, here are a few pictures of what I wore to my interview. Unfortunately, the one of me in the dress looks strange as it's slightly at an angle, and I know, I know the tights are a little manky but I really don't have many to choose from! I've also just realised that the shoes I wore make my feet look really small! Yes I'm only a 51/2, but that is about average.


Thought I'd also show a few of my favourite heels too! 
From left to right: Topshop 'Addison' wedges, M&S shearling knee high boots, Office 'take a tumble' suede platforms, matalan ankle boots

Finally, we watched the newly released DVD 'The Tourist' yesterday so I thought I'd do a review on that:

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to watch this or not at first, but I thought I'd give it a go as I remember the trailer being quite good. After watching it I was so glad that I did. It is a great film that constantly keeps you guessing which I love. The acting was brilliant and the script had both drama and comedy with some great twists and turns throughout. It was also great to see Angelina Jolie adopt her English accent once again and her as the main lady, Elise greatly reminded me of her role as Lara Croft Tomb Raider as the secretive, mysterious woman who's almost always in control and loving every second of the danger that comes her way. The only strange aspect of this character is that she seems very proffesional from the beginning of the film but as it goes on they keep changing her so that she's not....... and then she is again......
Another actor I thought made an impressive performance, was Paul Bettany as the paranoid police officer who is obssessed with catching Alexander Piers. He's a very shady character who you're constantly trying to figure out throughout the movie but he's likeable too.
This film all in all was a great film but I think there was a little too much going on to be honest, as there are so many different groups of people trying to capture both Elise, Frank and also Piers, so a little confusing at times. It all has a great outcome though in the end but can be guessed moderatly easily if you think about it. (Both my mum and stepdad had figured it out early on in the film.)
I think my favourite part of the film was Elise's costumes. All beautifully elegant, sophisticated and classy with some recognisable classic silhouettes. A high point for fashion in film with the make-up also being amazing with dark sultry eyes and classic red lips with gloss.

Right image: Looks like someone's been shopping at Salvatore Ferragamo!

The scenery is also very luxurious with lots of gorgeous views of venice and it's waterways.
The main reason why I know I like this film is because I wasn't distracted. Normally if I'm not too interested in a film I'll be on my phone or laptop while watching it, but with this I didn't think once about doing that as it was very engaging. It is also the type of film I could watch again.

Overall Rating: 4/5

 So that's it for today. My next make-up tutorial will be on Monday for those of you who want to know.
As for tomorrow I have some people to thank and some news on the new and upcoming Tomb Raider game.


  1. Oooh nice boots! Just realised I cant share the shoes and boots when you move out eek! Yep M&S have gone down considerably in our estimations, Im VETO'ing them from now on, how unprofessional and rude. Seems such a shame that they dont look at peoples quality's and personality/qualifications etc, and instead go for this new idea of role play interviewing which takes none of this into account. Oh well their loss! Woohoo, cant wait to start on the castle but its a big job. I can see lots of wonderful things to do, Im sure dear Victoria could make a lovely screen like in that pic!! Shame we havnt got the pennies to get started, always the way, when you have the time you dont have the money and vice versa. Still it can be a long term project !
    Oh and by the way Id like Angelinas Hair, it looked really glam in the movie! Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I love you new castle Emily! You are going to have sooooo much fun.
    You will find the right job, sounds like that company would have been a pain to work for. Your interview dress was perfect, very business like without looking stuffy.I will have to watch the Tourist now, Thank you for the review.


  3. Hi there! Just started following you after reading your mum's post about you! I love fashion, clothes and miniatures too so looks like we have a lot in common. Sorry about M&S... funny thing is my brother is manager for the 2nd largest store in London, but I'm sure he can't have been involved in not hiring you as he's at a business conference in Saudi Arabia right now. If you ever need advice on where to get Tudor furniture and bits and bobs I'd be happy to help. Just email me. Oh and my blog is:
    Caroline x

  4. Hi,

    I've also found your blog through your mother's blog. I'm currently working on a Cumberland castle of my own. I'll be glad to help out if you have any questions about the kit, just send an email to I'm also blogging about my progress here : and have all the photos of my progress on Flickr here :

    Good Luck!


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