Monday, 9 May 2011

Front Cover #3 - Blue, plus Tomb Raider info and Thankyou's to a few miniature bloggers

I seem to be very colour coordinated today. Denim shirt, denim jeans and denim eyeshadow too! Which means I'm on trend according to this months Elle magazine as denim is back in.

For this very blue look I used the Bayou colour from my FrontCover kit and blended it all over my lid and up towards the brow. It goes on very lightly at first so you could go with a very sheer blue look, but I decided to build it up more with 3 more coats. The only thing is, it still doesn't last all day like most of the other colours do. I then used my Maybelline Eye Studio 24hr gel eyeliner and this time managed to do a fairly thin line which I'm quite proud of to be honest. I took it to the end of my eyes instead of flicking it out as this gives the eyes a slightly more rounded look.
I then used my 17 Ultimate Volume mascara which actually worked rather well considering it's a few years old. I suppose it's okay because it's hardly been used but it does seem like the type of mascara that wouldn't dry out too. It is good but quite a bit of mascara comes out onto the brush so you need to seperate it with a comb or with a seperating mascara between coats (I used a little No7 Extreme Length). I was surprised that it lengthened and curled my lashes quite well but it does clump lashes together, hence the need to seperate them after.

And there! A fairly quick eye look that is on trend. Style it how you like!

I also have to say a few thankyou's.

It's been a while since I got these as gifts but kept forgetting to get the details from mum to say thankyou. So thankyou to Nicki Cooper and Kat the Hat Lady for sending me these fabulous array of fabric samples. They came in very handy for my last project and will be great for future sketchbooks too!

Thankyou to Tallulah Belle Originals for making me a floozie for my birthday. I absolutely loved it!! So gorgeous and adorable with beautiful coloured petals!

I also want to thank Dark Squirrel Victoria for making this fantastic Knights cupboard and holding it for my mum and I. I will definitely be using it in my castle as it's absolutley perfect!!

I also want to say thankyou to Caroline and Alennka for their comments, support, help and advice.

Caroline, I'm sure your brother had nothing to do with my M&S failure, it's just the people who made up the system and the staff at the store I applied to who I'm annoyed with :)
Thankyou for giving me your email and if I have any questions or troubles I will be in contact. x

Alennka, having another person who is doing the Cumberland Castle to contact is a great help so thankyou as I'm sure I'll come across some problems at some point with it. I'll also check out your Flickr too! x

Info on the new Lara Croft Tomb Raider game that is yet to be released (this year I think, however there is no official release date yet)

I won't tell you too much as I don't want to spoil anything major, so if you want to know more then go to as they've got loads of info on it.
Recently I have been looking on the net to try and get some info on this game but it's difficult to find much as it's just called 'Tomb Raider' and so in searches every Tomb Raider game comes up! Annoying, but from what I have found, it looks like this game is gonna be gooooood, with a whole new and younger Lara that is much more human this time around. She will have much more realistic expressions and movements too as they have been using motion capture in the creation of the game. I think I'm going to miss the majorly cool acrobatic movements that Lara could always do as they were helpful in the game and looked awesome. I know she's not real but I'm always so envious of her and the awesome stunts she does in the game!
It's also great to hear that the puzzles will be more difficult this time around with more realistic elements to them as I love those logical parts of the game.
The graphics are supposed to be much better so that the transition between cinematics and gameplay will be almost seamless so can't wait for that either!
The last thing I'll say is that she will evolve from an inexperienced girl into an adventuring woman throughout the game and this will be apparent from her equipment (when for example her dual pistols get added).

Sounds like a fab, updated and re-booted game (not that it needed re-booting to me as I loved them as they were and would have been happy to have another adventure in the current new series - Legend, Anniversary, Underworld). I will definitely be getting this game as soon as it comes out; as long as I have the money of course!

Bye bye my peeps and I will see you tomorrow for my final FrontCover tutorial!

P.S. I've added a new reactions feauture thing at the bottom of each post so please feel free to use it as it would make me very happy to know what people think of my posts!


  1. You are most welcome if ever you need anything just let Auntie Kat know lol ;-D xxxx P.S I love the eye makeup beautiful!

  2. The Denim eye is great! So glad you like your cupboard :)



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