Tuesday, 3 May 2011

As Joey from Friends said on Days Of Our Lives: "I'm BACK baby, YEAAAH!!"

WWEEEEEEEEOOW as Toby Turner from You Tube would say whilst riding heelys! (Although I'm not on heelys as I'm writing this, I'm actually listening to the utterly luscious voice of Matt Smith reading a Doctor Who story to me!! Hehe!)

Yes that's right I'm back and probably sounding a bit crazy and random at the moment! Well that's what watching too many Tobuscus videos does to you!
Lately I've noticed that I've completely neglected my blog (just literally found that I've been gone for almost a year! Oh dear! Hey that rhymes!) so I'm going to reboot it entirely!! Cue excitement everyone (I hope!)

So firstly, I'm going to combine my miniature news with fashion, beauty and my daily life, and secondly, I'm going to have regular features on here. For instance, I'm trying out a Front Cover Eyeshadow Palette at the moment which I got for christmas and have finally got the courage to use, so I might post daily about that. I'm also thinking of doing outfit of the day or week or month or something along those lines. I will of course post about new things I've got too; clothes, DVD's, games, books, beauty products etc. Hopefully, I will get started on my miniatures soon as well and if not, I'll be helping mum with hers!

So this blog is now going to be fun-filled (Sorry, I sounded like a childrens day out or something saying that)

Goodbye for now my lovely followers and thankyou for reading.

Bless your face, if you sneezed during this blog, bless you, peace off!!! (© Toby Turner :) :) :)

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