Thursday, 5 May 2011

Beauty - FrontCover eyeshadow experiments #2 Plus, No7 Product Reviews

nb. Eyeshadow looks fainter in some photos

Helloooooooo my chums!! And how are we all?

So, today was Magic Banana and Citoronella Crush day. I must say, it didn't go amazingly well but one of the best ways to learn is by trial and error!
I think the colours just looked very strange on my skin and the yellow as I predicted was hard to blend as it didn't apply well and was also very faint on my skin whereas in the palette it's really strong. Maybe I should invest in a primer or a paint pot to prime the eyelids first for a better and more impacting colour. On the subject of the green, it rather overpowers the yellow as it blends very well but pretty much masks the base.

Maybe it wasn't the right choice but after looking at them in the box, I thought they would pair up lovely together. On my skin however, it's a different story.

As for how I did it, I applied the eyeshadow pretty much the same as yesterday but winged it out slightly at the outer corner this time.
To create a less harsh look I used my No7 Precision Eyeliner Brush to apply Ginger Spice (copper) on my upper and lower lash line as eyeliner and flicking out softly following the bottom of the wing. This brush is brilliant for appling both eyeliner and eyeshadow as you can be very precise with it.
I then used my No7 Extreme length mascara on the top and bottom lashes to make them long and defined.

I seem to be using a few No7 products today which I don't normally do as I've never really liked their products much because they don't always do what they promise and are rather expensive. I've tried their loose powder, stay perfect mascara, lash extensions mascara ,stay perfect eyeshadow, light reflecting concealer, colour calming primer, sheer temptation lipstick, stay perfect eye mousse, a few of their eyeliners and a nude lipliner, so as you can see, I've tried and tested quite a few things of theirs (Some of which I got free in the No7 gifts that you get when you spend a certain amount of money)

My reviews on them:

1. Loose powder - Mattifies and gives a lovely even glow to skin. I have 'translucent' and 'fair.' The packaging makes it difficult to get the powder out without making a mess though.

2. Stay Perfect mascara - Doesn't do that much to lashes just gives a natural finish I found but the brush has compacted soft bristles so it isn't scratchy like False lash Effect by Max Factor.

3. Lash Extensions mascara - Didn't like this very much as again it didn't do that much for my eyelashes.

4. Stay Perfect eyeshadow - These are beautiful eyeshadows which you can wear lightly or build up for a dramatic look. They apply evenly and feel lovely. I have '42 Antique Rose,' '10 Wheatsheaf' and '40 Khaki.' The ones I own all have metallic finishes so if you prefer matt eyeshadows, they probably aren't for you.

5. Instant Radiance concealer - I have shade II. This concealer is okay if you just want to brighten your eyes, but I find that I need something more substantial as my undereyes are quite dark. I only occasionally use this now, around my nose and on the cupids bow of my lip. I used to use this seperately to my blemish concealer but now I use Bourjois Healthy Mix Liquid Correcting Concealer as I can use this for all of my concealing. (Nose, undereye, blemishes, pigmentation etc) I'm currently thinking of getting the new Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer kit as it looks more suited for me. Does anyone know whether it's worth getting?

6. Colour Calming primer - This doesn't work very well as a primer for foundation but it's fairly good at reducing redness. I have 'Green.'

7. Sheer Temptation Lipstick - This is beautiful as it just gives a subtle glossy tint of colour. Feels lovely on the lips too. I have '10 Excite.'

8. Stay Perfect Eye mousse - This is perfect if you hate applying powder or just need to put some eyeshadow on quickly. You only need a small amount and you can apply it with your fingers which is fast and easy, however, it's quite metallic. I have 'Fudge.'

9. Amazing Eyes eyeliner - Lovely and soft. Comes with smudger. Doesn't last well all day though. I have 'Blue Grey.'

10. Metallic Eyes eyeliner - Beautifully creamy but the tip isn't very thin, so more for the person who likes thicker lines of eyeliner. The colours are gorgeous though. I have '05 Purple.'

11. Perfect Lips Pencil - A soft retractable pencil which I have just found out has a sharpener at the end! Lovely for natural definition and can also be used to fill the entire lip. I have '20 Nude.'

That's about it for today. Just to let you know there will be no make-up tutorial tomorrow as I have a job interview so I won't have time. Instead, I will show you my new Sandra Darren dress that arrived in the post yesterday and I will also have some new ideas to share about my miniature work.

Thankyou for reading and please feel free to ask questions and comment.

TTFN. Ta ta for now!


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