Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Old, new and to do...

I thought i'd post about my projects of past, present and future as there is nothing new to report on the Gaius room yet. Except of course that one of my tables with benches has arrived which I will decorate later in the week!

This is my Bridal emporium that my mum made for me for my birthday when I was about 13/14. I just thought i'd post some pictures to show you all as it's so pretty! I re-arranged it earlier today, while watching Project Runway (The new show i'm into!) and took some photos of it. Most of it was made or bought by my mum but I added a few bits when I first got it, like bridal books full of pictures of wedding dresses and also the strapless corset hanger I made out of paper clips (below).

This is my new drawing which is still underway as you can see :) As i'm Doctor Who crazy, I decided to draw a picture from one of my magazines as I was in the mood for sketching! It took me about an hour to do this bit as it's quite detailed and I hope to finish it, but knowing me i'll just leave it and never bother to get back to it! I would love to get it finished though!

To do
This here is my fashion project which I plan to do soon. I picked this Oscar De La Renta pattern out at the Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts fair at the Brighton Centre 2 years ago. Never got round to doing it but hopefully will now! I plan to do the dress in red silk and have bright yellow lining so when it moves you should be able to see a flash of yellow. My mum wants me to scale it down and do a mini version for my little sister Lola but I don't know quite how to do that! A bit ambitious for me!


  1. The drawing looks great so far! I do hope you'll finish it, I would love to see :) Perhaps posting on your blog will be a motivation? :D And good luck on the dress!

  2. I just looove the drawing! Please please finish it!:)The dress shape is interesting, hope we all could see yours soon!
    The bridal emporium is so pretty:)

  3. Love the way you redressed the shop, and so quickly, Ill have to get you to sort out my witches hat shop and sweet shop that are such a mess! Please finish that picture! And looking forward to seeing the beginnings of the dress. Not too many things to do! xxxx

  4. All looks wonderful, love the little dress shops and all the corsets! I have really always wanted to get into Dr. Who because it sounds so interesting..... note to self.... Watch Dr. Who... Can't wait to see that dress! Love the yellow!

  5. Please finish the drawing I love Amy Pond!

  6. Thankyou everyone!! I will try to finish the drawing but it'll probably take quite a long time!! :)
    Ara, you must watch Doctor Who!! It's brilliant!

  7. I really like this blog! I just happened to stumbled over it one day and ever sense I come back now and then to read it! It's so exiting to see the Merlin project and the drawing was already so amazing! Keep up the good work! Hannah


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