Friday, 2 July 2010

Just one cornetto...give it to meeeeeeee

Started making today!! I took some screenshots from the first episode of Merlin and decided I would start off small with candles. Took me quite a while as I had to figure out how I was going to make my main candlestick (highlighted in red below) but I thought it was an okay first try.

I also made this wall candle (above - original, below - mine) but mum says it looks like a cornetto!! :) So if anyone could give me any advice or tips on a better way to make this as well as the bracket that connects it to the wall, that would be great thankyou!

Here are the candles and how I made them -

For the twisted candlestick I made a circular base from brown coloured fimo. I then cut a length of florist wire and stuck it into my base and twisted a thin roll of fimo round it.

Next, I trimmed the wire leaving a little bit showing at the top and then made a smaller circle to go on top. I used the wire to make a small hole in the underneath of the small circle and then cut a thin roll of fimo to go on top of this circle and finally, created a stumpy little dripping candle to then go on top of that.

Once baked I put the top section on the stick and then superglued together to ensure it was secure. To finish off I dabbed copper coloured gilt on it. Fun but took me quite a while to do.

The main thing i'm stuck on is how to do the actual room, whether to do it in a room box or create my own room box out of wood...? Any ideas?

And for the objects on the many tables, I'm going to focus on doing lots of books, herbs, scrolls, potions and ancient medicines and ingredients as Gaius was a physician. May try some potion bottles and jars tomorrow.


  1. Arnt I cruel! Seriously for a first try at miniatures your candles are great and I love the candlestick I want one please!! Just need to shorten the cone shaped lamp. Must be a proper name for these and Im sure someone can help with how to do them and the fixings. I love the whole room scene but maybe start with a smaller version with just a backdrop and floor and then expand. Now go to bed, potion making tomorrow! xxxx

  2. My words exactly you are cruel Kate! lol I think they all look fabulous Emily and drippy candles are not that easy to make! I like the candle stick too. :o)

    As to the room box or make your own, it depends on how apt you are with a saw?! You could use foam board as that's so much lighter and easier to use. I'd probably go for a room box for ease, but if you make it yourself (especially if it's made out of foam board) you can cut some interesting window/door shapes in it, etc., and if you want to wire in lights, foam board is so much easier to do that too.:o)

    I think this is a fabulous project full of great things to make!

    Michelle xx

  3. What a wonderful idea for a room box! And your candles look great! Are they all from fimo or are you using real wax?

  4. Hi Emily! Nice to meet you and see the beginning of what looks like an awesome project! I don't know much about fimo so I can't be much help! I look forward to seeing more!

  5. Hi Emily.... First, Awesome job one the candles! Be careful though....clay can be very addictive:) As for making an attachment to hang the one on the wall.... remember you can make almost anything with paper, it just needs a couple coats of paint and some varnish to make it stong....A little wire would work, can always paint that, too! And I would suggest making your first roombox, or scene an easy one...That way you can finish it, You can always go back later in life and 'make it bigger'...What about doing a scene in a gift bag~ or in a box from soaps~ the ones that come in a box with a clear cover~ Casey from Casey's minis has a lot of these in her earlier blogs.
    And for the walls, you can use plaster~ it's not too expensive- just smear it on and fluff it up....Hope all this helps:)

    Can't wait to see what you do with this project:)

  6. Very good first try Emily, they look great!
    Although I have al the patience in the world with dolls, when it comes to making miniature accessories I like to cheat LOL my patience just runs out ! I use jewellry findings quite often, believe me there is one for anything you want to make !! As for candles, the thin ones I havent found a cheat for ,although liquid fimo makes good waxy drips.For fat chunky church type ones you can simply cut down birthday cake candles , you can also light them first for some lovely burned wicks and drips.
    julie xxx

  7. Hi Emily. Welcome to blogland!
    I love, love, love your project. I watched Merlin all the time because i loved the props and ideas it gave me.
    Your candles are wonderful and looking forward to seeing more as you go along.
    If you pop to Katies clay corner, (you can find her blog on the blogs i follow), and go back a few pages you can see a house she is making out of foam used to pack electrical items. Mixed with some wood you too could use it to make an open room scene, keeping it light in weight and cheap to make. Would be perfect for the type of walls you are after.
    Lots of love and have fun with your mini making.
    Nikki xxx

  8. Thankyou Michelle for the room box advice. I think foam board will be ideal as i can't make things with wood very well at all!!

    Hi Lori. All the candles are made out of fimo. I mixed white and transparent fimo together for a couple and i agree they look more realistic and waxy than the others!

    Hi Ara. I may have to make furniture for my setting so if I do then i'm sure i'll be looking for advice on that!

    Yes Katie, i'm already getting addicted to clay! :) Thankyou for the ideas and advice and I will look into the things you suggested.

    Thankyou Julie. I too have very little patience with miniature objects so those cheats sound really good!! I will try the liquid fimo drops a little later when I do my potion bottles and the birthday candle idea is brilliant!

    Hi Nikki. Yes, when i started watching Merlin I too thought it would be brilliant inspiration for miniatures! And I will check out Katie's page in a bit to look at the room scene.

    Thankyou for all your help everyone!

    x x x

  9. Great work on the candles! I think they look cool!! As for the sconce, I would also suggest jewelry findings!

    Good luck with the room box! Thanks to your mom, I also am hooked and want to do a box for myself. I want a Harry Potter themed one though.


  10. Thankyou! And good luck with the Harry Potter themed room box if you choose to do it! Sounds like a great idea!

    Emily x x

  11. Hi Emily, so great to see someone else my age blogging! :) I look forward to seeing all your adventures, and I love the candles you made, especially the candlestick, it looks great!

  12. Hello Emily,
    Well done with the candles.
    I have watched Merlin several times and vowed to myself that I would make Gaius's home or at least a project inspired by it. Having several projects on the go already and 3 times as many on my "wish to do" list, I fear I my have to wait until I retire to make a start. But for now I shall enjoy watching your project develop.

  13. Very cool candles better than I could make. I love the wall candle sconce. Check out this website for fab ideas for your candles


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