Thursday, 1 July 2010

My summer projects

So i've been thinking...I've got to find something to do over the summer instead of getting used to lazing around, so i've decided to start a couple of projects.

Last year I bought a pattern for a dress as well as some fabric but I didn't get round to starting it, so i've decided to try and get that done in the next couple of months.
I also will help my mum ( out with her miniature projects and maybe even start my own. After seeing the things my mum has made using her favourite films as inspiration, I thought it would be great to make Gaius' chambers from the BBC's Merlin series as I love that show and have been very interested in Arthurian legend since I was little. It'll probably be rather difficult and challenging as my first proper independant miniature project but I'd love to give it a go!! Or maybe even Arthur's or Morgana's chambers! Will have to look into it and decide which is the most appropriate to do!

Gaius's Chambers

Morgana's Chambers

Would also love to do Merlin's Camelot Servant Robes as they're brilliant!!

Will update tomorrow with more ideas and pictures.


  1. Charming ideas Emily!Hope to see the chambers as well as the dresses soon!:)

  2. Ambitious indeed but a great project! need lots of Glass, will have to email Nikki for that and Kat for that fabulous hat! The book would be great to make, maybe we could start on that first! Also looking forward to seeing what you can create with that sewing machine in the summer . All good ideas xxxx

  3. I have been able to catch that show a few times on tv. I think that would be a fun project to do!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  4. Hello Emily, It's lovely to meet you here in blogland. You have picked a wonderful subject to make into your roombox, we all love Merlin and never miss an episode :0)It will be great to watch it coming along. I just read on your mum's blog that you are looking for tips on how to make the roombox. Hubby made me one last year, I will look for the post and put it in my labels under 'witches corner' for you to have a peep. Then if you want all the details on how we made it for under a tenner I will email your mum.
    Julia xx

  5. Hi great will have a lot of fun!! I promise :)

  6. Is a great great show and should be lots of fun to re-create! Thankyou for the help on the room box Julia. I will ask my mum to help me find the post as i'm still getting used to the blogger layout!


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