Monday, 5 July 2010

Frog in a jar...and a whole lot more

I'm so very happy at the moment! My bottles of potions and herbs are finished after 2 and a half days of making and experimenting and i'm really pleased with the results. They look great on my mum's (now mine, as is many other stuff! :) Thankyou mum!!) bookshelf too! To do it, I filled many jars full of things I could find, like fake moss, miniature flowers (from which I have cut off flowerheads and petals of some), herbs, lavender and lots of other random things my mum found in her workroom! I then decorated them with odd pieces of fabric, netting and thread. I will place everything in the room properly once I do it, as I would like things hanging up and on tables because this is only my temporary display. I still have other little props to add, but those will be put on my tables and around my room box.
I love the cauldron screne and my favourite objects are the frog in the jar (see if you can spot him!), the flowerhead jar and the cloudy blue potion bottle. Let me know yours!
We went to Hobbycraft today and got some foamboard which we will make the room box out of, and some bits for my mums project which she still hasn't started properly yet! :) I'll have to see if I can get her starting on it tomorrow as I doubt I'll have much else to do now until I get my window.


  1. They are all fabulous! I love how each one is filled with something different and they all just aren't bottles filled with goobley gook. (I think that's a technical term)


  2. You've done a great job with these Emily,and yes I spotted the wee frog :0)
    They all look great, bet you cant wait to get your room box built now !
    julie xxx

  3. Great great work Emily!They look so cool together!:)The frog in the jar is a superb idea:)

  4. The jars look great! I love the top two shelves :)

  5. Youve made a brilliant job already . Need to show you the tutorial nikki did on bubbling cauldrons to add some bubbling liquid to that mossy mixture! Excited the table has arrived for you to fill. Just need to get that window sorted to be able to start the structure! xxx

  6. You've been really busy Emily. The Shelves look lovely. Can't wait to see the Room Box..

  7. Your jars are wonderful! I just love how you filled and decorated them!


  8. Glad to hear you are joining our little band of makers. Cool jars :-), if you need any more empty ones let me know I have some in my craft box :-)Also old herbs and spices are great for filling jars as are the scenic stuff you get for model railways.

  9. :) I helped to! Like the jars even the frog looks cool hiding in the green moss!
    Love you Lola


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