Thursday, 23 February 2012

New fashion bloggers - Go follow :)

Helloooooo everybody. Sorry I've been gone so long but my new course has kept me extremely busy. Also been on holiday to lovely, lovely Italy but then had a wasteful half term afterwards as I had a nasty case of the flu. Still, even though I felt utterly awful and was in bed all day every day, It gave me an opportunity to catch up on lots of films and series through Netflix (Managed to watch all of BBC's Robin Hood on there as I have not watched them for years. Now it's my new obsession) I might do a comparison review of Netflix and Lovefilm Instant at some point, as they are currently main competitors, both offering the ability to stream films and TV shows in the UK.

Now to let you know about a couple of great new fashion blogs on the market. If you are looking for fun and witty fashion writings from talented people in design, then these are the places to go:

My good friends:
And an older blog from another of my friends - Inklid

I'm sure they'd all really appreciate a follow so go do it now :)

That's all for now but I'll be back soon my lovlies. Probably with pictures of Italy and work from my new projects, so something to look forward to.
Thanks for reading

Bye bye from me and Bella :)