Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Whoops, so I've been a bit longer than I said, but then nothing much has happened on the dollhouse yet and I have had no idea what to do with make-up, so there would have been nothing much to report really. But lately I have been buying lots of stuff so I will be doing a haul blog on next Tuesday (5th), showing you all the great things I've been getting.

Because of the mess of my other posts I have decided I will have a schedule and post every Tuesday and Friday. They will hopefully be going up at around midday-ish (UK) if all goes well!

And to finish off I thought I'd show you all some funny pictures of me and our family's dog Bella.

Bella and I playing when she was about 3 months old

Bella messing around with me at 4 months

Bella giving me hugs (or tackling me I should say) at 7 months

And this is Bella at 8 months playing with my ponytail and trying to get my hairband