Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hello Bloggers!!

Hello bloggers!! I thought I'd create my own page after looking at my mum's and sister's and it looks like something fun for me to do! I will probably update every few days on my life, fashion, interests and more.

A quick update on whats going on with me so far:

I have just finished a 2 year National Diploma Course in fashion at Northbrook and am due to start a Fashion BA(Hons) Course in September at Epsom University!

My final grade for my college course was 3 distinctions (DDD) which I was VERY pleased about!!!

For my final project at college (called Elegant Armament) which I got a Merit for, I chose to research Medieval armour and Dress to use as inspiration, as it is something I have been interested in since I was young. To get good reliable research, I looked through books and visited historical places like the Tower Of London. I then used the pictures I had gathered to create ideas for fashion designs using processes such as model and drape, transferring elements from research pictures onto the mini mannequin and then into my design develpoments. I took the two subjects of armour and dress and amalgamated them to design a modern and sophisticated womenswear collection. Finally, I looked into contemporary fashion collections like Reem Acra Prefall 2010 and Jen Kao 2010 rtw to help bring a modern aspect to my designs.
I then chose one of my designs and made it out of 9m of Mulberry coloured silk jersey, pleating 2 separate lengths of fabric and sewing them onto the hips, to create the armour-like element to my dress.

So enjoy my posts and if you would like to ask questions or comment on posts, please feel free!