Tuesday, 5 July 2011

FASHION - Online Haul Part 1 - Asos

I have hated all of my clothes for so long now as I have way too many but when ever I decide to have a clear out I can only bring myself to get rid of a few things! So instead of trying this again I decided to start building a capsule wardrobe Gok Wan style so that everything goes with everything and can be styled differently for all types of occasions and seasons. Then when I had an email from Asos saying that I could have have access to their summer sale early, I jumped at the chance and looked through each section of clothing picking out one or two of each essential. After picking a lot of things I liked and wanted I whittled my basket down to only the things that I needed and that all went together. I ended up with a dress, a top/dress, two jersey tops, a blouse, trousers, shorts, a midi skirt, a brown belt and an oversized bag for travelling. Of course I also treated myself to a few things too that I didn't necessarily need but loved all the same and had to have, so I ordered the most beautiful shoulder bag and a cool wicker trilby hat too.

Firstly, I chose this dress as it's really lovely and light, it's casual and can be styled up or down with the option to layer things over the top too. It's fairly transparent so you have to decide what to wear underneath it carefully. It also comes with a small brown braided leather-look belt as well as the fabric one shown in the picture.
It's a Vera Moda Check Maxi Dress in the colour Chrome Grey
£40  £24

The next is this cool, colourful, sailor-like dress/top by Mango. It's great for summer but could also look great with a long sleeve top underneath, skinny jeans, over the knee socks or long fingerless gloves for winter.
It has pockets which I love and a rope drawstring around the waist which adds to the whole nautical theme.
Mango Stripe Dress With Rope Belt in the colour Coral
£29.90  £17

I bought this top as it's a simple casual t-shirt that has a sort of batwing effect and will go with everything. The colour is beautiful too.
It's an ASOS Square T-shirt in the colour Blue
£15  £9

This is another top that I absolutely love as the colour is a brilliant bright mustard yellow. I picked these great primary colours for my t-shirts as they will go great with my skirt, shorts and trousers as well as the jeans I already own. The fact that this tee is cropped means it is fab for layering or can just worn alone in the summer.
ASOS 'Classic' Crop in the colour Yellow
£10  £6

In contrast to my other bright tops I went for this beautiful neutral blouse by River Island. It's military style which is a trend that comes back in quite often so it will be a useful staple shirt.
River Island Long Sleeved Blouse With Front Pockets in the colour Mink
£34.99  £20

I was so happy when I saw these as I've wanted a pair of palazzo pants since I saw the trend in an Elle magazine. I then saw some gorgeous ones with print on them in Next but they were a bit expensive so decided not to get them. These Asos ones are so great for me though, as they don't make me look wide like a lot of wide leg trousers do. They are flattering and are made from a beautiful Viscose fabric, however I actually thought they were Georgette (chiffon-like fabric) at first so they are quite a luxurious pair of trousers. They are really long too as all the maxi skirts/dresses/trousers I get are always that little bit too short for me. With these trousers I can wear them with exceptionally high heels and they don't look odd!
ASOS Palazzo Pants in the colour Withered Rose
£40  £24
Now £20 since I got them

I looooooooove these shorts. They are so beautiful and the colour is a gorgeous bright, popping orange. They are high waisted which is great for making people look taller and for accentuating the waist as well. They are a longer length which means you don't have to keep pulling them down and they also have a lovely paperbag pleated effect on the waistband. These will look great with black leggings, any tights, or just on there own with either a simple or complex top.
ASOS Longer Length Tailored Belted Shorts in the colour Cherry Tomato
£28  £18

I have been after this skirt since it first arrived on Asos but after deciding it was too much money I forgot about it and I was sooooo happy when I saw it in the sale. It's a beautiful vintage looking midi skirt and it's not floppy because the lace is quite stiff which gives it a lovely shape. Again this can be used with a simple or more complex top/shirt/vest or you can wear it with other vintage pieces to make a really retro look. You could even get this item in a bright blue which is a wicked colour but not in the sale :(
ASOS Lace Hem Midi Skirt in the colour Brown
£35  £17

Then I picked out some essential accessories like a brown belt (I chose a half roped one to fit in with the rest of the clothes) and then the bag which I instantly fell in love with as the size is great as a weekender bag or to carry my drawing/painting things for uni.  Also...'E' for Emily. Bonus!!

The belt is the ASOS Roped Boyfriend Belt With Leather Look Trim in natural - £12  £6
and the bag is the ASOS Letter Shopper Bag in the colour Orange with the letter 'E' - £25  £12.50

The hat I bought was this wicker trilby one which I thought would go great with the other things I got, plus the only other hat I have is a black trilby so this is a version for the summer.
Catarzi Buckle Band Straw Trilby
£26  £18

The gorgeous bag I got was this leather engraved one and when I saw it I just HAD to have it. It is the most beautiful color and pattern and isn't too small either. Great for parties, special occasions or when you don't need to carry a lot with you. You can also get this bag in a bright yellow or an Orangey/red colour. This bag is stunning, however the front tends to shed a little so if you get it prepare to find lots of little green bits of leather everywhere. Even though it does this it doesn't change the appearance of the bag as I think it's just the loose excess bits that come off. After I discovered that it did this, I wiped the front down gently with a cleansing wipe just to try and get rid of this excess, but I was careful to do so as it was taking off the colour as well.
ASOS Leather Bright Tooled Satchel
£65  £35.50

So this is the start of my capsule wardrobe. The thing I love most about what I managed to do here, is that all of these pieces of clothing go with each other. I'm confident that all the tops will go with any of the bottoms as well as the accessories which means less hassle for me trying to figure out an outfit.
Next I will be looking to get some staple/classic cardigans and jackets that will go with these.

This is the first part of my haul (the fashion part) the next part will be all the beauty products I have purchased recently and then after that I may do an update on my dollhouse if I have done any more on it.

Thankyou for reading and please feel free to comment and follow :)




  1. loving the yellow crop top :) amazing style keep it up :)

  2. Soooo many new things, I NEED to borrow!!! I love those shoes in the last pic, are they in the sale!!! Have fun ironing them all ha ha ha, especially those trousers !! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. @iheartmexoxo
    Thankyou glad you like it! :)

    Mum - of course you can borrow them! I know that the river island blouse will go great with your new shoes!
    Don't know about the Asos shoes. Will have to look.
    I had such trouble trying to iron all of the Asos clothes! Xxxxxx

  4. I love the blouse, it's so pretty :)



  5. @lianne
    I spilt chocolate ice cream on it today and thankfully it's come off so it still lives! x

  6. Heyy! After your comment I thought I'd come take a look :D
    The teal-y satchel is beauuutiful - I'm embarrassed to say I bought a less-nice low-budget version from Primark the other day. Don't worry, it was nowhere near as nice at that one! The yellow shirt is gorge too, batwings sleeves are always pretty :)

    (also you have MERLIN PICTURES ON YOUR BLOG! i didn't think the bbc fandoms and fashion overlapped much, but i'm glad they doo! are you a fan of any other bbc series??)


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