Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Whoops, so I've been a bit longer than I said, but then nothing much has happened on the dollhouse yet and I have had no idea what to do with make-up, so there would have been nothing much to report really. But lately I have been buying lots of stuff so I will be doing a haul blog on next Tuesday (5th), showing you all the great things I've been getting.

Because of the mess of my other posts I have decided I will have a schedule and post every Tuesday and Friday. They will hopefully be going up at around midday-ish (UK) if all goes well!

And to finish off I thought I'd show you all some funny pictures of me and our family's dog Bella.

Bella and I playing when she was about 3 months old

Bella messing around with me at 4 months

Bella giving me hugs (or tackling me I should say) at 7 months

And this is Bella at 8 months playing with my ponytail and trying to get my hairband



  1. Nice to see you back Emily! Bella is sure getting big, she is beautiful.


  2. Thankyou. Yes she's really big and fluffy now and very mischievious too! x

  3. Thank you for following my blog and visiting it :)
    I just put a short post up to tonight , If you wanted to check it out.

    Thats a good idea to schedule post. What a cute dog, plus Bella is a popular dog name i've notice haha, I know heaps of people with dogs call Bella its pretty random.

  4. @FashionTeenGirl
    Thats alright, when I came across it I thought it was great and I loved those inspiration boards you did too.
    I will check out your new post now.

    I can be so unorganised sometimes that I thought it would be best to bring some order to my blog, otherwise I forget about it!

    Yes, I was a bit unsure when my mum chose the name Bella as it's very common but she did have some good ideas behind it. It was mainly because she is an Italian sheepdog and Bella is an Italian name (I think!) and also we can call her Bellatrix (from Harry Potter) when she's naughty!

    Emily x


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